There are many different ways and programs to practice fitness. One specific kind is to participate in fitness-classes, either alone with a fitness instructor or in a group of more people. Those classes can pursue very alternating fitness goals and focus on different areas and functions of the body. There are classes that train cardio, muscles, the brain, balance, mind, strength, agility or flexibility.

The following article shall help people, regardless of their fitness level who are interested sport classes to gain a better overview about different programs and which alternative meets their needs the best.

Personal Training

Especially as a beginner and when you are new in the sport world it is necessary to start slow and advisedly. The best thing to do is to get a professional instruction from the beginning on. That way the chances decrease to accustom yourself to doing the exercises the wrong way. A personal instructor moreover focuses on the individual needs, health status and wishes of a person. That way goals can be achieved in a fast, safe and efficient way. Moreover a trainer can familiarize you with all the different exercises and classes available. A professional instructor of course also represents a big support and help for advanced learners to reach an even higher fitness level, regardless their current status.


TRX describes an activity, usually carried out with the help of a personal instructor. It includes two high-strength nylons that are hanging from the ceiling. During the exercises they serve as a tool to carry out functional exercises to strengthen the core just by using the body’s suspended weight to train all muscle groups. Next to balance, flexibility and stability it helps you to develop a lot of strength and posture. It can be practiced through a horizontal or vertical, meaning standing, workout.

Fitness Classes in Groups

Like mentioned above the possibility exists to also practice specific kinds of fitness classes in groups of more people. Additionally there are many kinds of programs that affect your training success and pursue different needs. The classes are going to be described in the following part:


Zumba is a discipline designed to bring people together through latin music and world rhythms such as merengue, salsa, reggaeton and samba. It includes a total workout for the whole body, focusing on cardio, calorie-burning dancing, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility. Zumba classes can be practiced on high to low intensity levels. It is perfect for everybody that wants to train their concentration and coordination in movements. Another benefit is that it is a gentle training for muscles and the whole body since it doesn’t make use of weights.


In comparison to Zumba, Bodypump uses different weights other than the own body weight. A barbell serves as a tool to strengthen, tone and sculpt the whole body, especially the major muscle groups. Through the possibility to vary the weights individually everyone can do Bodypump – even beginners! Exercises can be squats, presses, curls and lifts. Results can be seen fast and the class itself boosts your power.


Bodyshape is a pre-choreographed class that mainly concentrates on fine toning of the smaller muscle groups of your body. Powerful music and motivated instructors help you to train all smaller muscles by gentle and easy exercises. The variety of exercises provides an exciting and diversified training, while burning a lot of calories. Moreover you can improve your cardio.


Stationary bikes are used in this class to practice aerobic exercises and to follow the trainer’s instructions. The music is motivating, fast and powerful. Everyone can practice the class and the level of intensity is adjustable to your individual fitness and abilities. Next to all of the muscles of the entire body you mainly train cardio.


The classical form of Yoga, the Hatha Yoga is supposed to help people find their optimal equilibrium between their mind and body. They can reach this status through asanas, the body exercises, as well as through the right way to breathe. Next to Hatha Yoga a lot of different forms of Yoga exist, such as Power Yoga that contains more intensive and technical work to emphasise the body structure.


Pilates and Yoga get mixed up easily because they both include the conformity between body and mind. In comparison with Yoga though, Pilates rather has its focus on strengthening and stretching the body muscles. Nevertheless the advantage of a balanced body and mind remains the same like in Yoga. Flexibility, balance, strength, coordination and inner silence are some results of this class.


Bodystep combines cardio, coordination and energetic movements on simple steps that can be adjusted to different heights. Strength and agility are the main results of this activity that includes stepping on and off a platform to different kinds of motivating music tracks. It is the perfect way of burning calories while having an intense workout for especially the legs.

When it comes to workout routines and fitness classes every individual person should ask for advisory in the beginning in order to compose a fitness program that fits their needs and wants best. Fitness classes in groups can motivate you to work out more regularly since it also includes a social aspect of meeting new people and having a great time together working on your fitness level. If you keep on track and practice certain classes in a continuous way your body will soon get used to it and results and successes can be seen fast.

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